We’ve helped numerous companies and individuals over the years resolve their tax debts using our simple three step process.


Get in touch with us to discuss debts you owe to the ATO and your financial position in general.


We will consider the options available to resolve your tax debt including assessing the risks associated with pursuing any courses of action.


We will assist you implement solutions to deal with your tax debt. This may include negotiating a payment arrangement with the ATO, business turnaround or restructuring your business.

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Want a reduction in your ATO debt?  Now is the best time to ask for it

Have you or your company got a large tax debt? Do you want to get the debt reduced? Well, now is the best time to ask the ATO to reduce your tax debt.

Michael DullawayAugust 15, 2021

Risks of Providing the ATO Security as Part of Payment Arrangement

If you or your company owe the ATO a tax debt and can’t pay, you can seek to enter into a payment arrangement with the ATO. If the ATO refuses a proposed payment arrangement, you may also offer security over your assets or assets of a third party. At times, the ATO themselves may even […]

Michael DullawayJuly 23, 2021

Case Study: Risk of lockdown director penalty notices for unpaid superannuation

We were recently referred a client who had a Director Penalty Notice problem. They had been one of two directors in a company which hadn’t paid superannuation. Lockdown Director Penalty Notice for superannuation Because they hadn’t paid superannuation or lodged SGC Statements they were automatically liable for the company’s superannuation. The ATO had quantified the […]

Michael DullawayJune 12, 2021

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