We’ve helped numerous companies and individuals over the years resolve their tax debts using our simple three step process.


Get in touch with us to discuss debts you owe to the ATO and your financial position in general.


We will consider the options available to resolve your tax debt including assessing the risks associated with pursuing any courses of action.


We will assist you implement solutions to deal with your tax debt. This may include negotiating a payment arrangement with the ATO, business turnaround or restructuring your business.

Recent Blog

Taxpayer Jailed for Not Lodging Tax Returns

Every year, thousands of individuals and businesses don’t lodge tax return for various reasons. With one of the main reasons is the fear of not being able to pay the tax debt owed.

Michael DullawayApril 07, 2021

Does Liquidation Avoid Personal Liability for Company Tax Debts?

For people in business, often their largest debt is a tax debt to the ATO. Tax debts can easily get out of hand and become unmanageable. One option for a company with a tax debt is to appoint a Liquidator, but a major consideration before doing this is, will liquidation avoid you being liable for […]

Michael DullawayMarch 27, 2021

Settling a company tax debt through voluntary administration

Lots of companies have rung up tax and other debts as a result of Covid-19. The ATO is unlikely to settle a company tax debt (other than reducing interest and penalties) without the company entering formal insolvency. This is how we helped a large company settle its tax and other debts through voluntary administration. The […]

Michael DullawayMarch 15, 2021

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